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Service First: Service is a business, the fundamental career, so that customer satisfaction is a measure of our every department, every employee of the most important criterion for good or bad. Do everything possible to service innovation, and tap the potential of our business management services to the very center of the contents of the work, "tilted to the customer," is that we must persevere in service standards.

Responsibility: the company's employees are the company for every one overall value chain, an important part of the staff of the enterprise should have a sense of loyalty, commitment, work should have a strong sense of responsibility, we must dare to assume responsibility, love and dedication, fulfill their duties. No responsible person is a very difficult based on social, not to mention the achievements in their careers. Who have no sense of responsibility, work Tiaofeijianshou, and even complaining employees, the company will not be long-term employment, not to reuse.

Efficiency-oriented: The cost-effectiveness is the company to achieve its social objectives, the value of the economic base, there is no economic foundation, the rest are alone make. So the company every department, every employee should I start, expand sales, increase revenue and reduce expenditure in order to obtain maximum economic benefits.

Orderly management: We would like step by step according to the modern enterprise management system, standardize the management of the company's activities in achieving the responsibilities, rights and interests of the organic combination allows the company among the various departments and staff are able to Zequan Li balanced with each other, forming a set of able through its own continuous improvement cycle of continuous improvement and to engage in healthy decision-making mechanism, incentive and restraint mechanisms.

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